“Unintelligent electrical equipment” turn into “Intelligent electrical equipment” At least cost


Forgot turning off the conditioner after going out ? Please use the smart socket.

It’s too hot to go home ? Please use the smart socket.

The switch is too far? Please use the smart socket.

Heating hot water on time ? Please use the smart socket.

To check the Electric quantity statistics function ? Please use the smart socket.

1. Do you know what is a smart socket ? What is the main feature does a smart socket have ?
Smart means intelligent, The most basic intelligence is the ability to timing, remote control and blackout the power.

2. Scenes of life to use a smart socket: For example, if your electric water heater is the latest model and can be remotely controlled by a mobile APP, you can h eat the hot water one hour before work so that you can take a shower when you get home. But what if your electric water heater is old fashioned and does not support remote control by mobile APP? Simple, a smart socket.

3. Intelligent socket is a supplement to the realization of home appliances intelligence, now a lot of big appliances carry out intelligent control, but some small appliances: fish tank, manufacturers make an intelligent chip, and then make an APP, the losses outweigh the gains, these places have the use of smart socket.

4.What are the functions of a smart socket ?
Basic functions:
(1) Timing and power off: such as power off at 10 o 'clock and power on at 12 o 'clock every working day.
(2) Interval fixed time on, off: such as power for 1 hour, power off for 1 hour, infinite cycle.
(3) Delay power off: such as 4 hours after the automatic power off.
For example: SIMATOP smart socket timing setting interface (SIMATOP work with Tuya App, our smart products support Alexa, Google home, IFTTT voice control)
(4) Wireless Standard: WIFI 802.11/b/g/n, Wireless Frequency: 2.4G.

Post time: Apr-29-2022